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Here is some good stuff we found on the web.

     This is a great song off of the In Spite of Ourselves CD.
     If you enjoy fine Guitar players
     Red Knuckles and the Trailblazers
     Red Remembers the 60's
     My Aunt Sue's favorite song.
     Flambeau, a great band!
     The Best Swing Band of my lifetime!
     The original AATW!
     More Flambeau
     Love that Booge Woogie Piano!
    Flambeau :Hounded"
     Flambeau with that New Orleans Flavor
     House of the Rising Sun
     One of the best Country Singers
     Dwight - Please Baby Come Back Home
     A Good Texas Band
     Another good Eagles song
     I have played music on this porch.  I also agree with him at the beginning.
     If you want goose bumps, listen to this!
     John Hiatt
     Lyle's best song.
     The Mavericks
     That's What Dancers Do
     BR 549   I'm not talking about Jr. Samples